About the project «I NEED A FAMILY»

Project description

When we hear the word «orphan», what picture do we imagine? After the small survey about this issue, we can create generalized, let's say «average» image of orphan: boy or girl aged between 3-8 years old, wearing grey clothes, half – starved, with big sad eyes.

Answering the question «Do you want to help orphans?», most of us say: «Of course!!!». But after the question «How exactly?», the most often answer is: «To collect and to give clothes, toys and books (there are very few another variants) to orphanages» or «To organize holiday with games, entertainment and tasty food».

Don't you think that in such way the society and we, its part, just try to «pay off» from the orphan problems, because children need completely other things.

Speaking about clothes, food and place for living – they are successfully coped by state institutions, where orphanages are. If you enter any of them you will see that children are dressed, satisfied, and everyone has his own bed. So clothes, that we first are trying to collect, together with toys and books is completely needless there. Entertainment and tasty food? Holidays are organized there too.

Ask what are we trying to say, what do children need? We answer – these children need FAMILY. And for its appearance, we should speak not only about orphanage problems in general, but to tell about every particular child.

In this way, the idea of project was born, within the bounds of which we are going to tell about every child of our region, who lives in state institution and need living with family.

To achieve it we are planning to create media ID of those children and to place them on the webpage of our organization and web pages of partner-organizations.


Aim of the Project

Assistance with settling orphans and children without parent's guardianship into families.


Object of the project

  • To create media ID for every child, who need settling into the family.
  • To search and to support applicants for becoming foster – parents, tutors, parents – teachers.


Expected results and effects

During the first year of the Project, ID of more than 2000 orphans and children without parent's guardianship, will be done and placed on the web site. At least 20 % of them will be settled into the families.


The support of project 





Media ID

Media ID of child is the complex of video about child, which consists of following chapters:

-         Interview with child about his/her life, tastes, success, relatives and parents;

-         Interview with educator, who knows the child very well and is able to tell about him as he is;

-         Video filming of the child in action  during the entertainment program to see the child from the point of his behavior in the company of his peers and friends;

-         Set of photos;

-         General information about child, possible form of adoption, health features etc.

Information about children that will be put, will contain child pictures, facts about his name, age, form of being (without the name and address of the place, where the child lives), presents or absence of brothers, sisters, their age and form of living, special needs of the child, also contact phone number and address of the childcare service to get the referral for meeting with child.

Media ID doesn't contain any restricted information about child and according to applicable legislation of Ukraine it may be spread without limitation (p. № 46, 47 of Administrative Regulation of Cabinet Council of Ukraine № 905 from 8 of October, 2008 "About allegation of procedure of adoption and realization of supervision of adopted child's loyalty").

Also media ID will contain interviews with qualified public officers and explanation concerning functional forms of family upbringing (adoption, guardianship, and foster family, family type orphanage), order of actions for persons that decide to adopt orphan or child without parent's guardianship.